MAR 31-APR 1 2014

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Write the Docs is a two-day conference focused on documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery.

Writing and maintaining documentation involves the talents of a multidisciplinary community of technical writers, designers, typesetters, developers, support teams, marketers, and many others.

This conference creates a time and a place for this community of documentarians to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.

We invite all those who write the docs to spread the word:

Docs or it didn't happen!



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Day 0

Join us for a Pre-Registration event at Prezi held from 17:00-19:00. Grab your badge and shirt early, and get to know other documentarians with provided drinks.

Day 1

Sponsored by Prezi

Time Talk
8:00 Venue Open
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Eric Holscher - Introduction
9:20 Kelly O’Brien - Engage or Die: Four Techniques for Writing Indispensible Docs
10:00 Shwetank Dixit - Challenges and approaches taken with the Opera Extension Docs
10:20 Break
10:40 Idan Gazit - Advanced Web Typography
11:20 Markus Zapke-Gründemann - Writing multi-language documentation using Sphinx
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lightning talks
13:30 Thomas Parisot - README Driven Development
13:50 Jannis Leidel - Search and find. How we made MDN discoverable
14:20 Break
14:50 Jessica Rose - Tone in Documentation
15:30 David Hooker - What I have taught developers about writing
16:10 Party Announce, etc
16:30 End
19:00 Conference Party

Day 2

Sponsored by WordPress.com

Time Talk
8:00 Venue Open
8:15 Breakfast
9:15 Announcements
9:20 Tom Christie - Designing MkDocs
10:00 Robert Lehmann - Self-Directed Learning Material
10:20 Break
10:40 Sebastien Goasguen - Going from Publican to Read the Docs
11:00 Christine Burwinkle - Pairing with designers to create a seamless user experience
11:40 Elizabeth Urello - Blogging as Non-Traditional Support Documentation
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lightning talks
13:30 Fintan Bolton - The community wrote my docs!
13:50 Kristof Van Tomme - Keeping trust: Testing documentation as part of a continuous integration process
14:20 Break
14:50 Mikey Ariel - Your Personal Tech-Writing Agile Manifesto (or: Scrum is not a 4-character word)
15:30 Swizec Teller - What I learned writing a lousy tech book
15:50 Eric Holscher - Closing Remarks
16:10 End
19:00 GitHub Drinkup


Prezi's House of Ideas

Budapest is a beautiful and historic city. We are excited to host our first European conference here.

Prezi’s Budapest headquarters, the House of Ideas, serves as our 2014 venue. The House of Ideas boasts unique architecture, modern design, and a devoted space for conferences. Prezi’s home gives us a fitting environment to come together and talk about making documentation great.

More information can be found on the Write the Docs EU 2014 Venue page, including more images, accommodation, and travel details.

We have also compiled a map that shows some great places in town. Check out our recommendations and enjoy your stay in Budapest.


Call For Sponsorship

We are seeking corporate partners to help us create the best conference possible. Please act fast, the time is nigh and sponsorships are limited.

For more information please contact us.

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